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Video Export This category is for discussing the video export feature, which produces an MP4 video of your animation: GIF To export your Tumult Hype document as a GIF, select File > Export as Movie > Animated GIF Mobile Apps Tumult Hype exports HTML/CSS/JavaScript, so its export can run natively on virtually any mobile device. To read our Touch & Mobile documentation, visit: http://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#touch-amp-mobile iBooks New to the idea of HTML widgets in iBooks Author? Watch this video:
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Exporting FAQ: Guides for exporting to Websites, Apps, Content Management Systems, and more

Hype's "Exporting" documentation can be found at in the 'Previewing & Exporting' chapter of our Documentation. If you have any questions after reading the documentation, please ask us! If you'd like to quickly get your…

1 December 12, 2014
Video tutorial: Uploading your Tumult Hype document to a Web Server and Embedding Within Another HTML Page 1 April 23, 2015
Video: Embedding in Wordpress (Posts, Pages & Themes)

The recommended method of embedding a Tumult Hype document in Wordpress is to use the official plugin: If you're curious how to embed manually, please watch the video below and read on: This video covers how t…

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