How to use chagpt api

Can someone shows us the steps on how to use chatgpt api inside an html widget?

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Is something you’ve seen somewhere that you want to replicate? What are you trying to do?

I want to create a widget for iBooks Author that uses chatgpt bot to answer questions.

You could fork this repository, hardcode an Open AI api key, and embed it as an iframe: GitHub - patrikzudel/PatrikZeros-ChatGPT-API-UI: Static webpage that allows you to use your OpenAI API key for the same experience as you get with ChatGPT!

I assume that you won't be allowed to embed the url within an iframe because it likely has framebusting enabled.

(I can't really help out with this type of thing, but this is the approach you could take)


Thanks Daniel. I will try it and I will post the results.