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Tips & Tricks

Share your tips and tricks here! Bonus points for downloadable Zip files containing a working demo.


This category is for discussing symbols. For more information about Symbols, read our documentation:


Use this category to discuss Physics and post questions.

Feature Requests

This category is a great place to post your feature request. We're always working on improving Tumult Hype, and your suggestions help guide development.

Exporting & Previewing

Hype's "Exporting" documentation can be found at in the 'Previewing & Exporting' chapter of our Documentation. If you have any questions after reading the documentation, please ask us!

Share your Work

Use this category to share your amazing creations with the community.

Getting Started

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Use this category to discuss Animation features in Hype, or to discuss Animation. For more info about how animation works in Tumult Hype, visit


This category covers topics to help you deploy Tumult Hype documents on ad platforms. Use the Search button at the top of this page to search for your ad network / technology of choice, or create a new post / question using this category.


Responsive Examples:


Use this Category to discuss Tumult Hype elements:

Extension Project

The extension project began with the efforts of @MaxZieb & @MarkHunte. It is a community-driven project to offer "missing" features in Hype. The project extends the Tumult Hype JavaScript API and provides additional functions to provide additional control over your Tumult Hype document.

Known Issues

In this category, we'll post topics and updates related to known issues either in Tumult Hype or in Browsers that affect the display or performance of Tumult Hype animations.


We want to make sure your visitors view your animations as quickly as possible. Use this category to discuss the performance of Tumult Hype documents.


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Template Gallery

This is a place to share and find templates created with Tumult Hype Pro.


Use this category to discuss scenes.


Read our Touch & Mobile documentation to get up to speed with how Hype supports touch devices.

Browser & Compatibility

Use this category to discuss issues you see in any browser:


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