Plugin Tumult Hype Animations removed from Wordpress

The plugin Tumult Hype Animations has been removed from Wordpress. Does it come back again? Will it developed further? We are building an E-Learning Website and need the plugin extensively. Thanks


Whatever happened, it happened recently. 🕵🏻‍♂️

I went back to A Book About Hype to find the hyperlink…

…and it says…

This plugin has been closed as of February 8, 2024 and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.

It doesn't seem like Tumult to just let this go.

We're working on updating the plugin to make sure executable php files cannot be uploaded by a malicious (and logged in) person and will be get getting the plugin back on the plugin page as soon as we can. You can still download the plugin here (which fixes the original submitted vulnerability). There's one additional update needed to harden the plugin.
We're working with the plugin/security team at Wordpress to get this back in action.


Nice! I figured Tumult was working to fix the problem.

This is actually reassuring, as I use WordPress and I was wondering who's checking the code? I didn't know there was a WordPress security team.

Also, if I saw this before, I forgot about it… but it's nice to see the plugin on Github.

That's a good idea.

Thanks for your positiv answer and for providing the Link. Great work anyway

The plug-in appears to be back. Please test and let me know if you hit any issues.

The plug-in now has an allowlist of permitted file types to ensure no executable files are uploaded.

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