Changing the .js file in export


My problem is that I have latest Hype version (754) but media house who I am doing a html5 banner needs me to export it with HYPE-752.full.min.js. How can I change this .js file that it is exporting with. This part:

Why do they need you to use a specific version?

Hype's runtime javascript is tied to the export javascript; the versions must match. You're using the CDN which has this file posted, so anything you make should use the correct corresponding version correctly.

The only way to use an older runtime version is to export with an older version of the Hype application. This is clearly not recommended as there are bug fixes in newer versions (especially for macOS 14 Sonoma).

If you absolutely need, you can get older versions via the "show all versions" button on this page:

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