Can't remove sprite sheets from "Resources"

I found something very strange! When I delete some scenes the items that was used in this scenes are removed successfully except sprite sheet images. It tells me "The resource “filename.jpg” cannot be deleted because it is currently used in the document." But it is not! The sprite sheet that I can't delete from Resources is already deleted in all scenes. Maybe the reason is in that I can't filter the resources by sprite sheets and delete them? Insted of that I can see only the images that creates the sprites.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 14.49.54

You can see for yourself:

The problem is that I need to create a couple of Hype projects and there is many settings that I don't want set them every time. I want to duplicate a project and remove from it every item that I will not use in the new one.

The second problem is appears when I go to export. Even the sprite sheets that are not used are in the export folder. That makes my export file bigger.

Is there anything that I'm missing?
@jonathan is this a bug?

I can reproduce this.

Add a sprite.
Duplicate scene.
Remove Sprite from first scene.
Delete second scene.
The Sprite image remains.

When you try and remove it you cannot.

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Thanks for reporting this! + confirming @MarkHunte

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So, it really is a bug!!! Congratulations on the correct diagnosis! I really wondered for a few hours and couldn't figure out what was causing the problem!


Yup - thank you for the report (and @MarkHunte for the repro steps - saved us much time!!!) . Sprite Sheets are really symbols under-the-hood and it looks like the symbol is sticking around in a hidden way that keeps the resource from being deleted. This is filed for us to fix.