Displaying a Tumult Hype document in a Kiosk or as an app


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Kiosk Tools

This post explains how to get your Hype document onto a Kiosk. A great place to start for publishing on iOS / iPad is this guide from @iain:

Below are platform-specific recommendations and links to a few threads on Kiosks:


Mac, Win, Linux


If you’ve worked with offline documents, please share your techniques/apps below:


See this automated solution for advancing slides from @Luckyde:


Hi there, this was pretty abandoware but since is Node JS Webkit, works really fine:

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Any other suggestions?

You should try Fluid (http://fluidapp.com). It’s free and is literally as easy as entering your project’s URL. If you want to use it offline, just enter the file location in place of a URL. An easy way to find your file location is to double click on your exported project’s .html file and when the project opens in your browser, copy the link in your address bar.

Super simple!


I use a Kiosk web application to view on Mac (Xstand) or Windows (Kioware).
To view on an iPad or iPhone I use Kiosk Pro Basic.
Works smoothly, even with large files.
Good luck

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For mac you can use this App to build mac.app, also for the AppStore.
The software development seems firm but the App works well.
Sentenza Desktop ( buyable only in CodeCanyon )

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I saw the price of some of this kiosk apps above… OMG??

Hype Kiosk

Any way I thought I would give it ago and make one using Xcode etc…

Now I am not a fantastic Programmer and I know I probably do things arse end backward, so here is the source code in the form of the full Xcode Project, A copy of the App and also a template of the Hype Project that I used.

( This is all a hack together)

What I would love is for you guys to test it and help improve it for all of us. I have never really setup a collaboration like this before so some help would be good there also.

@Daniel , @stephen

I know I am probably going to be embarrassed when and if you look at this…
But it would be great if you guys helped and adopted this project as a Hype Kiosk

The App so far:

Opens in Fullscreen, disables: NSApplicationPresentationHideMenuBar +NSApplicationPresentationHideDock + NSApplicationPresentationDisableHideApplication + NSApplicationPresentationDisableProcessSwitching

To quit the app you need to use a password.
The Password is entered in a popover, which at some point could be changed to offer more options.

I could not find away to block exit fullscreen when the escape key is used, so I used NSWindow delegates to force it back into fullscreen.

The App uses a WKWebView instead of a Webview. This is added Programmatically and more importantly HTML5 LocalStorage just works without any coding or hacks.

Any how here it all is.

Updated to unsigned as there is a problem with distributing signed)

StudentSignOut2.app.zip (978.3 KB) ( Built demo App file )

(To Launch the built app above for the first time, as it is unsigned you will need to crtl click and open.

*Building directly from the Xcode project should not be produce this problem)

xcode&and Hype file.zip (1.2 MB) ( Xcode project source code and hype template used in demo )

Update: Please Note all updates will be at :

Kiosk App Project


Very cool and should save folks a pretty penny!

I was able to run from source, but when I tried to launch your application I got the warning ““Student Sign Out 2.app” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.” - I’m guessing this might be an issue with your code signature?

Thanks @jonathan

I will have a look at it.
I am not that well up on how to distribute from Xcode and code signing so I am not sure whats going on with that.
I turned the code signing off for the exported Archive, as I found out that apple have put a block on that for use for anyone outside a dev team. I will swap it with the Product Debug build. Which should suffice for the demo. But do you know how I can check what the issue is ??

Defiantly an issue with code signing. I have added a unsigned one ( I need to workout how to distribute signed)

I have created a new thread for the Kiosk so as to not overwhelm this one with updates .

Please look and post there for the Kiosk Project.


When running a single app on Windows with touchscreen system I just make a shortcut for the html file and set the attributes to -incognito -kiosk together with the adress or file path, running it with Chrome or Chromium browser. It doesn’t have to be a locally stored app since you can change the file path to a web adress if you want.

It costs nothing and it runs like a charm.

Add the shortcut on autostart or at the task schedule. Change in bios on how you want the computer to start after sleep and add a shutdown if needed within task schedule.

No need for expensive kiosk apps if you use Windows or Mac.

Like it, and it’s a great option. But I think the only thing is, will not a simple alt +F4; exit it give the user full access to the computer. I suspect that it would be even easier on a Mac

@MarkHunte yea, that’s why I said touch screens :slight_smile:

I moved 7 posts to a new topic: Linking to a PDF for an App Store app (offline support)

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Doh :open_mouth: missed that keyword…

Do you know if this still works? Have you used it recently?