Linking to a PDF for an App Store app (offline support)

I’m publish the application in the App Store Newsstand with elements of Hype, these are html pages with animations. It is already 7 issue (English and Polish). Licenses for publication editions are very expensive (Aquafadas).
Seeking a solution to publish Xcode and Hype but I have a problem with PDF files, the parties Hype SVG text or text in Hype is too time-consuming, I use QuarkXpress or InDesign. Sorry for the English, I use the Google translator.
link to App Store:


Can you give us more details on what your problem is with PDFS.

Is this a problem with the xcode app displaying the PDFs or with the PDF files being displayed within the Hype scenes.

with the PDF files being displayed within the Hype scenes.


Ta, but you have not said what the problem is or what you are actually trying to do to get the PDFs into hype and display.

Use the search button and look for PDF.

This will bring up any posts related to PDFs .


“PDF files will render as the first page, and will be converted to an image. If you’d like to link to a PDF, you’ll need to link to it directly on the web.”

Do not want to convert to png file, a link to a pdf file online can not be, because the html page must be offline, eg. as a issue to the kiosk app to App Store.
Sorry for my English.

Does this answer help? This allows you to have the PDF in the resources library:

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Yes, it works.
This has already tried, including does not work “on drag” Control Timeline horizontal or vertical long dokument pdf in scene.
The effect of reading and move the long document in the application in the App Store, Newsstand.