Exporting to Kiosk Pro

Kiosk Pro loads a Tumult Hype document within a web view on an iPad or iPhone for creating a standalone application of your document. This setup is useful for trade shows, museums, and displays. For more Kiosk tools for different platforms, check out Displaying a Tumult Hype document in a Kiosk or as an app.

Test in Hype Reflect

Before you deploy to Kiosk Pro, test in Hype Reflect. This will give you a 1:1 representation of how it will work on your mobile device. Make sure you test with the actual device you’ll be using. If you test on an iOS8 device, but your Kiosk device runs iOS7, you may see different results.


Just like regular Mobile Safari, Kiosk Pro supports the MP4 video format. We recommend encoding your videos with Miro Video Converter. For audio, use MP3s. There’s no need for additional formats beyond these if you are only deploying to Kiosk Pro.

Please check out this page for more info about video.

If you find that certain things work well in Hype Reflect, but not in Kiosk Pro, please get in touch with their support team.

Advanced settings: http://docs.kioskproapp.com/article/523-how-to-access-the-advanced-settings-menu
Troubleshooting Settings: http://docs.kioskproapp.com/article/542-advanced-troubleshooting


I should just stick with a 1024 by 768 scene in Hype to be able to make it show correctly in the Kioskpro App?

Yes, that should work well. It depends, though, on which iPad you’ll be showing the video on. To maximize resolution for your device, match it up with this: http://iosres.com