Exporting FAQ: Guides for exporting to Websites, Apps, Content Management Systems, and more

Tumult Hype's "Exporting" documentation can be found at in the 'Previewing & Exporting' chapter of our Documentation. This will give you an overview of what Hype can export to, and what the files look like.

If you'd like to quickly get your document on a server but don't know where to start, read our beginner's guide to getting an exported document on an FTP server.

Read Hype's FAQ for more answered questions.

Tumult Hype Animations work almost anywhere

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Since Tumult Hype's release, we've seen Hype content embedded in all sorts of different content management systems (CMS) and integrated within sites created with other website editors like Rapidweaver and Sadvox (Even Frontpage!). Below are a few tutorials to help you get setup in various systems and applications:

Standard Hype Formats

Uploading to Servers & Hosting Platforms

Video Formats

Online Content Management Systems

Website Editors

Apps & Platforms

Apps: iOS + Android

Learning Management Systems

Video Formats

If you're looking to export your Tumult Hype creation in something not shown here, please search the forums by clicking the magnifying glass at the top of this page.