Hype xAPI (Experience API previously Tin Can API)

The xAPI is a specification for how learning experiences can be shared and tracked across different platforms. It was created by a consortium of companies and organizations, including Adobe, Microsoft, and the US Department of Defense. The xAPI has many benefits, including the ability to track learning across different devices and platforms, and to create custom reports. The xAPI is also flexible, and can be used to track any type of learning experience, from formal courses to informal learning experiences.

The xapiwrapper is a library that allows developers to interface with the xAPI. It provides a simple, easy-to-use interface for developers to create xAPI-compliant applications. The xapiwrapper is open source, and is available for use on GitHub.

Tumult Hype is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, animation tool for creating interactive, animated web content. Tumult Hype is used by designers and developers to create animations, games, and other interactive content. The Tumult Hype community is large and active, and there are many resources available to help users get the most out of the tool. Tumult Hype is a versatile tool that can be used to create a wide variety of animated content.

The HypeXAPI project brings Tumult Hype and the XAPI together by using a live data store (actors, verbs, objects, etc.) and integrating Hype custom data into it. This allows for the tracking of Hype-based learning experiences across different platforms. The HypeXAPI also provides a GUI for exporting Hype-based content as an XAPI-compliant package.


A request if possible. Can any demo or documentation be made on how to use this? It looks like something that I can use. My company uses Moodle and I administer and create training materials in it.

Hi @gecko.

We are currently putting documentation together for it. It is in Beta and we will be sharing everything with the Hype community soon. This is an exciting project and we will be presenting what we are doing to the xAPI community as well in the next week.

I'm an Instructional designer, so we tried to make sure that I can use it. And I can! Thank you @MaxZieb.

Watch this space!


Amazing Max @theron_hp! We've had a lot of folks from the Moodle / Adobe Captivate / Scorm world ask for Tin Can / xapi support so I'm thankful for this big effort! Let me know how I can help get examples & documentation out.

Thanks @Daniel … it's a work in progress and @theron_hp is hard at work and we will have more docs up and running. I am happy to contribute code for this, and now we also have a repository and a first rudimentary site:



Documentation alpha is up… beta coming soon :slight_smile:


Looks like awesome work! We've definitely gotten inquiries and I think this will be a huge benefit to specific folks in the education/learning community. Thanks for making it so open as well!

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For the folks who are interested, Max and I will presenting the HypeXAPI extension at a one-day conference called 'The xapiParty' on the 6th of May. We are the last session in Track A. The link to register is: xAPI Party.

Registration is free. Even if you can't attend, when you register you get access to all the session recordings. We are hot off the press.


Anyone else joining, it is starting at 2022-05-06T19:45:00Z

Looking forward to it!

So, the session is over. Thank you @theron_hp for putting it together and inviting me along. Hope my part wasn't too technical for the "Storyline" people. Certainly, a place to improve would be to onboard them with just the GUI portion and non-dynamic statement.


Thanks for the support @MaxZieb . It was good to see @Daniel in the room.
Now that I have an example project I can use that as a basis to make some tutorial videos showing the potential of the extension.
I'm sure there may still some work to do, but it is already working great.

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Some pain points from the development, take away and next ideas/steps …

Usability perspective to make the experience better (Tumult):

  • Export script need types for the extra action parameters (checkbox, dropdown etc.). BTW using tab in extra action fields seems to be broken.
  • Action stacks in Hype need little arrows (up/down) to reorder actions.

Demonstration and documentation perspective:

  • Examples with real-world cases, like questionnaire etc. (Theron)
  • Gradient from simple (Storyline) to more complex (Theron, Max)
  • Examples in combination with data binding through Hype Data Magic (Max)

Thanks for those notes!

(I would have loved to join but was out for the long weekend without internet access. I will be getting the lowdown from @Daniel)

Hi folks, I've just found this post today from the newsletter article - just wanted to send my thanks to the Developers (Max and Theron?) - excited to see this one! Are there any recordings of the event presentation?

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Hi @raphroberts.
This is the link to the recording: The perfect union === HypexAPI - YouTube
It is painful watching it, but alas it is now part of the internet. The first section is an intro to Hype, so you can skip that if you want to.
Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to support anyone who wants to use it. I'm making some real-world video tutorials after hours as well.
Herman (also known as Theron)


Thanks for sharing the recording, Herman. If you develop any tutorials I will be very keen to see them. Unfortunately the video quality makes the recording hard to interpret at times (for me) - as you are making video tutorials - might I suggest that it would be great if you could make the text bigger in system prefs.

I really look forward to seeing what you create - if you want anyone to test the training on let me know - I'll be keen to have a crack at following along. I am very familiar with hype and javascript but not overly familiar with LMS / LRS integration. I remember your contribution on a SCORM related post I made some time ago.

Thanks again to you both - as you say in the presentation, really nothing compares to the versatility of Hype for creating learning artefacts - record and state stores really are the icing on the cake :slight_smile:

This URL https://www.hypexapi.de is the doorway to the GitHub and docs pages. You will find all you need there. If something is not clear, please let me know. I will fix it. There are 2 tuts on there already. I may add a heading for the tuts by itself when I have more available.


I added a tutorial to the docs. This tutorial shows how to send 4 unique xAPI statements using 2 syntax structures, by using string variables.


I would think this would be only for non-commercial applications? As I know my company licenses the API for commercial applications, and we create eLearning with HYPE. But it cost us several thousand dollars a year to license the API for use in our courses. Can you go into the restrictions with this product?

Hi @BoboTR3 (Tim).
Max and I designed this extension to be used by the Hype community. Having access to learning analytics plugs a big data gap in what we do as 'learning professionals'.
So feel free to use it commercially and non-commercially.
What we would love to hear is how you are using it. So maybe you could see that as 'payment'. There is still a lot I can learn.