Hype Universe News #16: June!

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
—Frank Zappa
Below you'll find a thick slurry of inspiring animations, tutorials, and even an avoid-a-mole game built in Tumult Hype for your enjoyment.

Projects We Love

xAPI is a technology for communicating between digital learning experiences and a Learning Management System. Max Ziebell put together a powerful set of tools for building and exporting xAPI-compliant learning materials with Hype, making what was once a massive undertaking a simple no-code process. We're excited to share this with the broader eLearning community!

Play Mole Busters , a new game from José Alejandro Silva Ruiz created with just a few lines of code.

Examine a curious shape on the surface of Mars in a project by Dan James.

View an interactive model of New York's changing skyline over the last 20 years by our friend Heligraphica.


Scroll through your Hype scenes in this new template from Max Ziebell
Build Hype documents in multiple languages by following Photics' Multilingual tutorial.

Add Tooltips to your Hype document in Drew Bullen's latest tutorial
Animate imported line art to create a hand-drawn look, also by Drew Bullen

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—Team Tumult