HTML5 Hype 4 Pro export not being recognized in Lectora Training Software import process when adding a Web Window iframe

I am working on a training application which uses the Lectora Online Training Material Creator site.

I am told I can add HTML5 content into a Web Window [iframe] when building an online training project. However, when I select the HTML5 export option from Hype 4 Pro, Lectora doesn’t seem to like the exported folder results which prevents me from importing Hype project into a Lectora iframe inserted training page. Does anyone have experience using Hype exports with the Lectora software? Helpful hints welcome!

I did find reference to Lectora in an old forum post, however, the info link does not show text information as expected.

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Patrick McLean

Not got Lectora or ever used it. But having a quick look about.

A couple of things.

Instead of using web window have you tried the HTML Extension. This should be a button selection near the WebWindow button

You then go through the process of setting up your iframe and adding the hyperesources folder. Remembering that you do not need the exported html file just the reference it has inside to the hype folder to be used with the iframe.

See this

The first steps I assume would not for you as you are using Hype files/folders But the import I would expect to be the same.

Second thing If the extension does not like the folder it may be due to the “.” for the hyperesources folder extension.

You could try and export you project using the Oganized Assets Export script found here

Which will not use the .hyperesources folder structure.

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What are you placing in the iframe? What is the available space the iframe has (width x height)?

Great News! Originally, Hype output files could not be selected when importing into Lectora Web Window. I tried the additional export script and still found challenges. However, it ends up that the Training Creation Software needs a .zip form of the HTML5 files Hype exports before they will be recognized. I then zipped default Hype export folder and the Organized Assets output alternative separately and … both options now work as long as the export group of files are compressed into one .zip file which contains the project output files.

Thank you very much for your help!

Patrick McLean