Hosting your Tumult Hype projects on Gitlab Pages

Gitlab, like Github, is a tool for managing code, and like Github Pages (here's our tutorial), it has its own method of hosting static (and dynamic) web content. This makes it another option for hosting your Tumult Hype projects if you don't have a web server.

While the documentation is pretty dense for Gitlab pages, it's super easy to start hosting your static content.

Create a New Repository, and click the 'Setup CI/CD' button.

Paste this code in:

Commit that change, and this will enable the hosting of anything in the 'public' folder of that repository. So the best way forward once that CI file is setup, is to clone your new repository to your computer and push your Hype exports up to Gitlab using your Git client of choice. Github Desktop works well for this, just make sure you've logged into Gitlab through the terminal first.

If your Gitlab username is daniel and your repository name is turnip, for a Hype document named 'mydocument', then your Gitlab URL inside of that public folder will be:

If you export from Hype with the document name 'index', then your URL would instead be a bit simpler, since Gitlab pages behaves like other servers and loads :