Using Github Pages to Host Hype Exports

I'm sure I'm missing something basic but is it possible to serve up a site made with HYPE on Github Pages? What other files (if any) would I need. I tried uploading the index file and the resource folder to a repository but that didn't seem to work.

Thanks in advance!

Do you have an existing repository?

I do yes. I followed these directions:

You have to put your index.html into a branch called gh-pages.

Here is a way to do it via GitHub rather than the command line if that helps.

Thanks @DBear yes, I’ve done that via the command line.

I also need help hosting a Hype website on GitHub pages. I believe the problem occurs in the html file src location for the .hyperesources folder once it is committed to GitHub. If anyone has any experience with this it would be really appreciated.

Just put together a tutorial for this, since the process has changed quite a bit and it's now much easier:


This convinced me to make some example exports to GitHub… great tutorial!

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