Tumult Hype Wordpress Plugin Tutorial

Hello I have a Hype animation file that is a complete website for a phone and I'm tested
in WordPress using the word press plug-in "Hype animation".
Having some trouble can I get it to show up in the webpage I have reviewed the video that you posted it's about three years old may need to be updated.
But nevertheless i have uploaded the OAM of the project and I have a question of where to copy and paste a shortcode in what order

shortcode = [hypeanimations_anim id="8"]

<div id="lovespursuit_hype_container" class="HYPE_document" style="margin:auto;position:relative;width:100%;height:896px;overflow:hidden;">
	<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="Loves-Pursuit.com.hyperesources/lovespursuit_hype_generated_script.js?72406"></script>

Thanks for your support

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You only need to paste your shortcode into a post or page.

[hypeanimations_anim id="8"]

No need to paste the other div, since the plug-in handles that.

We definitely need to update the video, good point!

Hi Daniel Thanks for your suggestion, This my three examples of me posting a code of the hype animation in WordPress
Wordpress tech-support is no help whatsoever they refused to, So what is the Secret sauce depose your page in WordPress

Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 2.31.36 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 2.25.33 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 2.29.21 AM.png


Little side question... what is the panel on the left. Is a customizer of sorts? Doesn’t look like only the regular editing screen. With so many plugins and service providers around the persistence of the graphical user interface in WordPress is currently very much in flux.

The link points to a behance page. Please provide a link to the page your building containing the failing OAM so we can help you…

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Link to my Box folder


Guys thank you for all your help. My understanding is when test publishing inside of Hype to Safari this is the long code that will appear on the webpage is that correct, (Yes / NO).

Then I exporting HTML5 using the "OAM" format this is uploaded to word press plug-in and appears on the WordPress.
That Works!

But when I get to WordPress I am confuse where to paste a short-code in HTML5

And what does the rest of the code look like around of the short-code before it and after it?

I'm assuming and I hope you can verify this fact that the short-code have to be in the precise place to be executed correct (Yes / No)

This all looks correct. Can you actually publish this page so we can can look at what is happening?

This looks like a blog hosted by Wordpress.com -- I thought they did not support adding additional plugins, so I'm kinda confused. I don't think our plugin is compatible with this setup. There are a lot of plugins that Wordpress.com doesn't support: https://wordpress.com/support/incompatible-plugins/

See that is what I thought that is why I had the question:

One thing is strange, though. How is he getting the Hype OAM plugin screen if this is on WordPress.com … so this is the page https://loves-pursuit.com/ and it is hosted by the commercial WordPress com service.

WordPress (dot) com
You can still use Hype, though. You would then need to host your Hype file with a third-party and use the JS portion instead of the short code. Then you would need to adjust the link to the path to the Hype JS file to your third-party hosting URL.

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No the page is blank, but it does show spacing as though it would be there but it's white.

JJS portion is that another plug-in, I need to get or Java script portion, the problem is I paid more to get this plug-in to use the website and it doesn't work sucks that sucks!
Are you able to look at the link I provided and see my website it's just a test for the phone version I still have two of the versions to build tablet and PC

As @Daniel suggested… you are hosting your page in the walled garden of automattic.com. They decide if a plugin can and will run. Given an expensive Business license they allow some plugins to run but have a list of things they actively discourage and probably disable. Seams like the Tumult Hype plugin is doing something they don't want or support.

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If you're right, Seems like you're blocking us from being shown????

@Dr.ZigZag … I am not sure who you mean by "you're". I am certainly not blocking anything :wink: and if somebody is blocking its auttomatic.com … I am just a fellow user trying to help. I am no fan of the WordPress.com service. They produce a great open-source (WordPress.org) product but if you want to go beyond blogging I would use another host and not WordPress.com. Either selfhost or use a provider that gives you a managed WordPress experience that allows any plugin. If you want to stay on that service this will be not the last problem you will run into if you like to tweak stuff.

In Wordpress.com's desire to simplify things for their users, they turn off capabilities. Wordpress (and its plugin world) is a huge target for hackers so Wordpress.com (the company) is making trade offs.

If you want to use Wordpress (the open source software) unrestricted then I recommend a host like Hostgator, which is $6/month and they let you do what you want.

These are the plugins that keep things secure + fast:

https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-optimize/ for optimizing content (works fine with our plugin!)

https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/ for security

https://wordpress.org/plugins/updraftplus/ is useful for backups.

That being said, you could also host your Hype content on a regular web server for free, like on github pages: Using Github Pages to Host Hype Exports


If you don't change host and stay with WordPress.com then also check out https://fast.io/ for free static hosting of Hype documents (500MB). I am just writing this because I saw you are using box.com and the mentioned service allows publishing directly from box.com to the web. That way you can just place your Hype animations in a specific folder in your drive, and they go live automatic.


Thanks so so much!

WOW !!! Fast.io is working Thanks

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