Kiosk App Project

I have started a Xcode Project to create a Hype Kiosk App.

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I thought I would give it ago and make one using Xcode etc..

Now I am not a fantastic Programmer and I know I probably do things arse end backward, so here is the source code in the form of the full Xcode Project, A copy of the App and also a template of the Hype Project that I used.

( This is all a hack together) :smile:

*What I would love is for you guys to test it and help improve it for all of us. I have never really setup a collaboration like this before so some help would be good there

The App so far:

Opens in Fullscreen, disables: NSApplicationPresentationHideMenuBar +NSApplicationPresentationHideDock + NSApplicationPresentationDisableHideApplication + NSApplicationPresentationDisableProcessSwitching

To quit the app you need to use a password.
The Password is entered in a popover, which at some point could be changed to offer more options.

I could not find away to block exit fullscreen when the escape key is used, so I used NSWindow delegates to force it back into fullscreen.

The App uses a WKWebView instead of a Webview. This is added Programmatically and more importantly HTML5 LocalStorage just works without any coding or hacks.

Any how here it all is.

Demo - (978.3 KB) (Updated to unsigned as there is a problem with distributing signed)

Source files : xcode&and Hype (1.2 MB)

The Project has a hype document embedded using the normal method within an Xcode project. You can place your own in place of this.

I will now post updates to this thread for the Project so as to not overwhelm the other Post.

To come shortly.

  • User option to choose the html file used in place of Hard coded embedded file
  • Bug fix - Html animation stops when window first auto fullscreens.



Update to v 1.1.1

Whats New:

  • App name has been changed to Hyper Kiosk

  • The Quit button and its popover have now been changed to Options

(Clicking the Options button you will need to enter the Password “term” ( this hard coded at the moment) )

At the moment there are two options available.
In normal use the Options will be hidden and a mouse over where it normally sits will reveal it.

Option 1. As before You have a Quit Button

Option 2. You can now choose an new page to display locally on your Mac.

Once you have chosen a Page to display it will be remembered on each launch of the app. until you change it again.
If no page has been selected or the selected page cannot be found on launch then the default page will be used.

Types of files that can be displayed:

This app is intended to display Hype html pages. But since it uses a WKWebview and therefore Webkit, it should also be able to display most files a normal browser can display. i.e video, pdfs .

This is open to discussion on what people think about this as I would like to know people opinion about if I should limit it or not to just html.

( I am of the mind of leaving it as is but I am not sure about pitfalls and I will not actively be supporting the file formats ).

Whats next.

  • I need to look at using the keychain for the user Authorisation password.
    I have don this before, a long time ago and I am pretty sure that thinks have changed since…
  • I will be adding more options.


(FIXED) a bug which when the app launched the animations did not run until the page was reloaded.

(RESOLVED) code signing. My developer code signing was munched on this Mac. This has now been fixed by deleting all the certs and re-installing them. All copies of the App I post now should be code signed unless stated.

Please let me know if you have a problem launching it as I am only able to test on a new created user on the same Mac.

Hyper Kiosk v 1.1.1

Hyper (2.3 MB)

Source Files:

Hyper Kiosk folder (2.7 MB)

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No Problem launching on MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) OS 10.10.4


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@DBear, Thats great.

Many thanks

Thanks for sharing, @MarkHunte! Not an easy feat.

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Brilliant. Works fine in MacbookPro Mid 2015 last MacOS.

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Just tried it on an iMac running 10.12.6 - Sierra - and it worked well. My only issues was getting out of it - but that’s the whole point of a kiosk app

Forget that last comment - me being dumb.
It’s brilliant - a really useful tool for showing off hype projects and potentially presenting them on a Mac or iPad.

I’ve not tried it on an iPad - yet - but obviously if you store the hype generated html5 files directly on the iPad you have effectively made an app that is private to that machine which is just what you want for kiosk usage - love it!

just tried it on iMac 27" High Sierra and it works fine. Thanks