Creating a game with offline capabilities

(Zach) #1

How can I do this without the kiosk features? I’m working on a simple game in Hype and I want it to work offline. I would prefer to have it as a .app but using it through a web browser would also work. I don’t really know who to use javascript and most of the game is going to be built with Hype’s built in features. Also there are .mp4 and .mp3 files that need to be played. The game uses Google Fonts as well.

Kiosk App Project

There’s no turnkey solution for creating an offline-enabled app, so you’re going to need to either follow @MarkHunte’s tutorial, or find someone who can.

Keep in mind that you can always export your Hype document as regular HTML and offer it as a zip file containing all resources. Loading a file like ‘start.html’ can be just as easy as loading, though it will open in a browser.

(Zach) #3

Could I create a script in Automator to open the .html file?