Preview in browsers opens multiple tabs (but Safari refresh the page)

I know this topic has already been raised (2016)
I currently use the Vivaldi browser on MAC, due to the F****G Youtube ad blocker detector

Unfortunately when I preview my projects with Hype every time it opens in a new tab
Does anyone know a method to the tab make it just refresh like in Safari?

I believe you probably found this thread, and unfortunately my answer still stands:

I just tried the "Duplicate Tab Helper" extension in Chrome to see if it had improved, but I couldn't even get that to work.

There's probably some way to properly jerry rig this with Hype's Export Scripts and AppleScript; I just remember that the solution we tried wouldn't be allowed on the Mac App Store (and I think also required lots of fragile permission prompts).

Maybe this reddit post can help you getting back to Safari.