Iframe widget not linking in site

My website built with Hype now cannot find the html files with names like virgin.html because the new site uses numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. what you do to change back to named files? Do I need to upload ALL old Hype files for them to link again?

Can you tell us a bit more about how you are referencing these HTML files? Did you drag HTML files into Hype's resources folder? Did you drag .html files into an already-exported resources folder or are you using regular HTML widgets created in Hype?

Did not drag files in, using the regular HTML widgets created in Hype. I looked at prior backups it seemed the files were named and not "widget #1" etc. I never encountered this before just upload index.html and index resources folder and everything linked to existing folders with Hype content. ?

Host is suggesting I remove all Hype folders and put the whole site up again. Do you know of a workaround?

Site is working fine on local files, only the uploaded version is not working I have put up a holding page until I can figure out the problem. Never encountered this before.

iframes took the form of "displayname.html" or "displayname-N.html" until Hype v2.5, and then after they took the form of "iframe-displayname.html" or "iframe-displayname-N.html". There haven't really been any changes to this other than that.

In this case, "displayname" is a lowercase version of the name shown in the element list, and N is an increasing number in case two elements are named the same but have different inner html contents.

I'm not sure why any of this would be a problem for a web host! You're welcome to send us a zip of your .hype document and/or export and we can see if there's any funny business going on, but this is pretty straight forward. Maybe there's an issue with your element display names?

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your help with this problem, couple things that lead me to what might be the problem. I had uploaded two new Hype art animations to my website that had ALL CAPS in the title, looking at the site that may have been 1st time that I did that. Might be the problem that I should rename with lowercase.

Still a little confused with the “iframe #1” etc the numbering instead of file name? I did notice prior that files were loading with “title names” as chosen by me and linked that way. I am using Hype 4.1.6.



I'm not really sure what you mean, maybe we're talking past each other. Like I said, Hype exports iframes with names like "iframe-displayname-N.html." Hype would automatically change the "displayname" part to lowercase.

Can you provide a bit more context, like a .hype document, your export, and it being posted on your web server where it does not work?

Still working on a fix, again thanks for your help! I'll be back with less confusing questions soon.

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Fixed and working, something I was doing different might have caused the problem. Changed some widget titles and seemed to fix the problem.


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Glad you got it! (and nice animations!)