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Extend Tumult Hype with JavaScript: hypeDocument.extensions ( 2 ) (30)

Hello Everybody, given some back and forth on a good way to extend Hype and allow modularity we (@MarkHunte, @MaxZieb) are starting this little project as a board thread. One could move things to GitHub or so but that a…

About the Extension Project category (1)
Hype Electron Integration (8)
Hype ImageBaseEncoder (Hype Resource / Image Extension) (11)
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Tumult Hype + Web Bluetooth: let's play with Lego Robots! :D (8)
Hype GlobalBehavior (Custom Behavior Extension) (18)
Hype TwineStage (Twine/Hype Extension) (6)
Extension-Set "Scene Magic" (beta) (12)
Hype WordPress Dataset (Shortcode Extension) (1)
Hype LayoutKit (Layout Extension) (9)
HypeBlendmodeEnabler 1.1 (with Thumbnail-Preview in IDE) (2)
Blend-mode to any element in a scene? (12)