Using Hype Action Events for collision detection

Hi @MaxZieb. With everything you've done with Action events and intersect detection I think this is possible, but I can't find the solution. So I hope you can help.

As part of a larger project, I'm exploring the possibility to trigger events etc when 2 objects intersects(touches). Not on drag or scroll, but an object animated with a timeline. I will not have control over what objects will be in the moving object's way, so I can't control that with the timeline.

I've included an example project. If you can sprinkle some magic, I would really appreciate it.

Herman (35.2 KB)

this should match?!

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Thank you Hans, but it does not work because the position of the red square needs to be controlled by a timeline and not physics. The moment I switch it to a static physics body and control its movement with a timeline and trigger another timeline with a collisionStart event, it does not work.

Hans sent you almost the correct one. Try this one: