Hype Cookbook (sharing knowledge and insights)

Hello Everybody,

I launched the Hype Cookbook on GitHub recently. I’ll keep you posted in this thread about updates and developments. More soon…


Thanks for compiling this!

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Very nice work!

Just took a quick look. Will forward to my javascript companion. Sure we both will have use of these hints.

have found Photoshop, ‘Save for Web (legacy)…’ — still there in PS CC 2020 — to produce good looking animated GIFs with decent transparency, the edges. Layers, with vectors, video content, etc can be mixed. Large file sizes can occur when animations are long or image sizes are large. Animated GIFs can often be very useful. Otherwise, few things to like from Adobe these days.

got that hint from my colleague recently. Been very useful in several contexts.

HypeSymbolLoad, HypeSymbolUnload,
have not understood when unload occurs for persistent symbols that are not on all scenes. Navigation between scenes – runtime — where some scenes have a persistent symbol does not give the ‘unload’ I think…

Custom Behaviours,
one of few concepts I tend not to use. Probably not grasped the good thing with it.


Thank you for the feedback. Just starting. Work in Progress.

Update: Added some notes to the events based on your questions. Custom Behavior is in the making.

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Updates until July 2020

I will be posting updates about significant additions to the book in this thread (from time to time). This is the list for some of the new articles around the following topics:


Tips and Tricks

Unsupported Features

Consider becoming a sponsor

More topics are on their way
Much appreciated and feedback and participation is welcome


Max Ziebell


Added a short guide on external API consumption while doing local Hype preview testing. I am currently working on Hype Data Magic and the next release (v1.4) has a much more stable preview and an integrated external API example that needed a solution for CORS related preview testing and access to external APIs. As a side note, the access in the preview works out of the box in Hype Data Magic, just not in Hype previews running from localhost ( This solution works fine and is effortless to use, so I am sharing it in the Hype Cookbook:

Tips and Tricks


Tips and Tricks

This is accompanied by example files found at

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I added a list of forum links to the Cookbook main page and will let it grow… mainly mine (because I know about them) and the ones I value and can remember… the forum is vast at this point. Just started, though. Check the contribute page to suggest more links.

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this may be nice for the list ...


Added a geeky lookup to the book

Hype generated Shorthands

These are all the shorthands found in the *_hype_generated_script.js files

This is interesting if you are playing around with DocumentLoader

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I made the lookup for the events more convenient. Easy copy and paste for each event.

Hype Events


Thank you for all the work you put into this project.
Even more thanks for making it available for everyone.

Very interesting and very helpful in learning hype.