Lottie vs Video (mp4)


I have a scene where I have an mp4 video and one Lottie animation integrated using this method Hype LottiePlayer (outdated).

This is the file archive 6.31 MB file on MEGA .

If I open the scene on Chrome or Firefox, there is no issue, but if I open the scene on Safari, the video is not starting. If I remove the .js files the video is playing.

Do you have any idea how to fix it?

I know that there is also this method Lottie player with live preview (made with Hype Data Decorator), but for me is complex and I just need to play the lottie file, without any interaction.

Thank you!

Looks good to me in Safari:

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Are you by chance running your mac in low power mode?

System Preferences > Battery > Battery > Low power mode

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Thank you @Daniel and @jonathan !
Maybe there is an error on my main file, since I have send it a test for you!
I will check them again!