Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin

Anyone know how to change the limit in PHP.ini, and also there are a lot plugins support do that, please check here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/php-settings/, 300MB should be prior choice for Wordpress standard.

For now, I can not activate hype-wordpress-plugin-master, but if you have limited the size to 2M, please remove it or allow large size.

If someone take security into consideration, please use the IP-Geo-Block, and it is easy to handle what kind of roles can upload files, here is reference: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/block-anspress-upload-file/


I’ll send you a PM. Not sure what this might be. If anyone else hits this, please add to this issue.

This really depends on your host. Check out your hosts help pages and search for ‘php.ini’. Sometimes you can access it through your server backend, which is sometimes called ‘cpanel’. And sometimes you can edit it by going a few folders up.

If you need test next version, please let me know.




Should we expect next version recently please? thanks.


The current issue with multi site blogs (such as in your case where there are a network of blogs) is an error in the install script, and I’m not sure how to resolve it. I hope to have a solution soon but I plan on submitting this to the plugin repository on Monday.

Hello Daniel,

I asked the author of IP-Geo-block(https://wordpress.org/plugins/ip-geo-block/) to help, and he has improved the plugin and upload to github at https://github.com/tokkonopapa/hype-wordpress-plugin, and you might like to update it too.

After I test, it works well in Wordpress 4.8 Multisite, and it would be great if you like write him with the Credit on Hype Wordpress Plugin introduction to show thanks to him.

Here is the screenshot of backend at our wordpress Multisite:

and frontend screenshot:

and here is the email content between us for your reference:

发件人: Kiyozumi Unoura tokkonopapa@yahoo.com
收件人: Alex Lee alexlii@yahoo.com
发送日期: 2017年10月12日, 星期四, 上午 10:39
主题: Re: Help on Hype animation Plugin to be compatible with wordpress Multisite

Hi Alex,

Can your try this one?

Good luck!

K. Unoura by tokkonopapa

On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 2:11:01 PM GMT+9, Alex Lee alexlii@yahoo.com wrote:

Hello Tokkonopapa,

I find your email address at tokkonopapa

tokkonopapa has 25 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

Here is a personal issue need help, and I have to say this is not related to IP-Geo-Block, so I can not post there.

Let me explain what I need if you would like help. You might know Hype animation which is created by two guys from Apple, it is really big contribution to the software world, and here is their official site: Introducing Hype Professional

Introducing Hype Professional
Tumult Hype Professional is the most advanced app for creating stunning animated and interactive HTML5 content. …

and I found there is plugin which support to upload Hype animation to wordpress, but it is really out of update, and I post here to ask Hype official to support: Anyone would help on wordpress Plugin?

Anyone would help on wordpress Plugin?
If anyone can help test, please visit:

Daniel takes the plugin for days work, obviously, it is not compatible with wordpress Multisite yet.

I am not sure this is right way to ask for help, but it would be great if you would like do me a favor to let us know how to make plugin work compatible with Wordpress Multisite, since I know IP-Geo-Block works well in Multisite environment.

Here is the message that show the Error message of that plugin: Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin

Thanks so much.


Thanks this is super helpful! We’re busy at the iBooks Author and Hype Conference this week but I’ll merge this change in soon as part of my other updates required for submitting to the Wordpress plugin repository. I’ll definitely credit Tokkonopapa on these updates.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello @Daniel,

It seems there are two ways to embed Hype animation into Wordpress posts: shortcode and DIV codes. I do not know what is the difference between them, and I very care about the speed and performance on Mobile mode, you might like let me know which one is good for Mobile mode speed, thanks.


This plugin represents the Hype animations with the shortcode – and this (by default) loads the Hype animation as a Div. This is the most performant method. You also have have the option to load the Hype document as an iframe – this will have more of a delay and is only recommended if you have content in the <head> area that you want to use. This method also uses the shortcode method. You can select the ‘iframe’ dropdown in the list of your uploads.

If you can reinstall this plugin for another round of testing please go for it – a number of improvements and changes…

Download URL: https://github.com/tumult/hype-wordpress-plugin/archive/master.zip

Hi Daniel,

I am getting this warning message when Page text area, after using the plugin:

[hypeanimations_anim id="
Warning: mysqli_query(): Empty query in /home6/speakonw/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1942

Warning: rename(/home6/speakonw/public_html/wp-content/uploads/hypeanimations/tmp/Assets/index.hyperesources/,/home6/speakonw/public_html/wp-content/uploads/hypeanimations/0/): Directory not empty in /home6/speakonw/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hype-wordpress-plugin-master/includes/adminpanel.php on line 50

The does not show the animation.
I would appreciate any help to solve this.

Thank you

Thanks for the report, looking into it.


Tested just now, it works well in my wordpress 4.8.2 multisite. and here is test animation for your view: http://forum.lovcour.com/lovcourmotion

By the way, would you please show what you did for improvement and changes in Plugin introduction? thanks.


Can you uninstall and reinstall from the latest version?


Thank you Daniel,

I did it, and I got the following message

Insert the following shortcode where you want to display the animation: [hypeanimations_anim id="
Warning: rename(/home6/speakonw/public_html/wp-content/uploads/hypeanimations/tmp/Assets/test_rookie_video.hyperesources,/home6/speakonw/public_html/wp-content/uploads/hypeanimations/tmp/Assets/index.hyperesources): No such file or directory in /home6/speakonw/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hype-wordpress-plugin-master/includes/adminpanel.php on line 23


Can you uninstall the plugin, then on your FTP server, can you delete this folder:


… then reinstall again from the latest?

Thanks for your help!

Thank you Daniel,

I have proceed as describe, several times, with the latest version.
I have also deleted the folder in the server.

Same error message.

It seems that for some reason, the plugin does not create the folder …/Assets/…
I can see it creates the …/hypeanimation/tmp, but not the Assets.
…/tmp is empty after the error message.

I have tried with different test animations. Same error message.

Thanks again for your support


I just doubt that your wordpress project were made some special high permission or maybe some security plugins, so you might like have a check. If yes, you might change that folder to be low permission so that it allow to write into it, or temporally deactivated some security plugins.

I am running wordpress Multisites, it works fine, 31 is ID of our test site for Hype animation project, and here is the screenshot of Wp-content of Our FTP for your reference, it works fine:

and permission that folder:

I just guess 755 is needed.


The plugin is now live. I’m still interested in helping folks out with bug reports and resolving issues. Please DM me or create a new post so we can work on any issues that come up.

@Nacho did you get my DM from a couple days ago?

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