Animation in Wordpress site

Hello everyone...

-- I use Hype for html5 animations, which is working perfect!!

And now we want these animations also on our website..there is an extern company which host and develop our "Wordpress" site...( it isn't a normal Wordpress site...but a customize one)

In the start of this project this company was enthusiastic...but the didn't get it fixed...

my experience in Wordpress is very basic..and the answer I got from them is that the results are varying, sometimes it appear en sometimes nothing at all and they don't see any errors of messages..
So they say we can't rely/trust on this. Maybe the plugin causing problems with the customized settings? They used the plugin: Tumult Hype Animations (v1.9.1)

I can't imagine that it isn't possible...
so I want to ask help in this forum..
maybe there are some answer which can help...

we'd like to put something like this on our homepage

That's a veeerrryyy longstanding issue...

checking responsive height in the sceneinspector will force a hypedoc to fill a absolute given space, but if there is no given space it'll fill Zero (0) height ...

there are a couple of solutions in the forum regarding the expected results for a responsive embed.

one of them expecting a proportional resizing in aspect ratio to the current layout: Creating a Flexible Tumult Hype Document within a DIV with no set 'height'

please be sure to not place the script in head, but in an initial sceneload-event-function when using an*oam-embed!

when embedding as iFrame you'll need a method that handles communication from the hypedoc to the parent to resize the iFrame accordingly ...

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Thanks, all this is way out of my knowledge, I'm more a visualizer than a coder ;-(

finally I'd take the autheight.hype file from maxZieb...change it and it works..

My earlier .oam was a responsive version...because the container in Wordpress on our homepage is on desktop view 1000x555 and on mobile (80%) is 700x600..

I'd rather use this dimension..but when it isn't possible the image on the desktop version must be higher..but maybe there is a solution...( probably in code of css? )

Anyway, I wish you all a good and healthy 2021!!