Troubleshooting Responsive document in Wordpress Plugin

Hi! I’m getting the same results with the plugin as Photics - Michael Garofalo: The div-option doesn’t work at all. (Hype document doesn’t appear on site) And iframe-option cuts the document at exactly 150px like in his tests. (My layout is 300px in height) Tested it on different fresh wordpress installations running WP4.9. My responsive layouts are set to expand in width only. The hype animation works perfectly if i embedd it manually (upload the animations folder with FTP, and paste code in wordpress site like in this video: But this is a.p.i.t.a. so I would love to use the plugin.

Can you share the page that you have your Wordpress animation embedded on? (An unlisted ‘page’ would be fine), or send me a direct message so I can take a look.

Hi Daniel! Here is a fresh WP Installation with an animation: (Link removed) If you hover the blue rectangle the animation starts. The problem is that the animation is cutted at 150px height. I can recreate this behaviour with different animations on different WP Installations. On all of them the div-Options don’t work (only iframe).

In the intro to this plugin I wrote

It’s important that you only set scaling on the width of your document unless you manually set a min-height using CSS on your Hype animation some other way. In the plugin page you can set a CSS class on your animation which you can then use (in your theme’s CSS area) to set this minimum height. This will get your DIV to show up.

Hi Daniel. I noticed that. The document ist set to width dimension scaling only. (Every Responsive Layout). That’s why I was wondering what may cause the problem. Did I miss someting? I will do more Tests…

Can you attach your document? Definitely possible that it is incorrectly setting a percentage-based height for your document when it shouldn’t.

The min-height setting with CSS works. The div shows up nicely. But I did nothing to the animation. So I think the iframe Version is a bit tricky to work with in wordpress. Thanks Daniel.

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