Embedding Panellum in Wordpress

Hi @Davirus,

Thanks for the demo.

It works great on local Mac, and I also added a mobile layout, duplicated the JS, and assign the Rectangle as different unique element ID.

It works well with both PC and mobile mode on local Mac.

But it does not work when it was uploaded to our server by Hype wordpress plugin:

I check the server end, all of files looks fine:

As the screenshot above show, there is no error found at frontend.

What did I miss please?

Here is the my test file for check.
DEMOPanellumwithmobile.hype.zip (695.3 KB)

and Here is the test page on our server:



I have no knowledge about Wordpress development, but I haven’t experienced a problem using it on other hosting services:


Since I don’t use Wordpress I don’t have an immediate way to test it.

You may want try disabling “protect from external styles”.

When you embed something with the WP plugin, anything in the Head of the document is lost unless you embed using the ‘iframe’ method. The lines that are missing are these:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="index.hyperesources/pannellum.css" />

<script type="text/javascript" src="index.hyperesources/pannellum.js"></script>


#panorama {

width: 100%;

height: 100%;



You can toggle your Wordpress embed to ‘iframe’ by toggling the dropdown in the Hype Animations plugin’s page. In the example below, you would click the ‘div’ dropdown, change it to ‘iframe’ and then click update.


Hi @Daniel,

Great thanks, yes, it works now both on PC and Mobile mode.

As you see, there are more than one hundred pages created by Hype on our site, and all of them works fine without update by DIV way, I do not understand why these lines are missing only in this one project file.

To avoid the expected situation, Would you please let me know why these lines are lost ?