Why lesser examples available making a simple website with Hype? Are there known drawbacks/limitations?

I am trying to search for building website using Hype. I don’t get any useful example. Are there limitations or drawbacks in case Hype is used for a full fledged website development?

For example, the first hurdle I see is the fixed size of stage. If the size of stage is fixed then the length of the content will be fixed. While a webpage’s content can change it’s height and is flexible.

You can do it and it has benefits like easy editing and placements of objects also custom design breaking the traditional box model. Further more animations are easy to create. And to address your question about fixed content, you can use height/width documents settings and the pinning tools.

The limitations are mostly connected to client side render of content. The DOM is created on the fly. So you have the usual problems client side executed JavaScript gives you (like with jQuery, React, Vue…) concerning SEO and other topics. Furthermore you might deal with a slight render blocking as the JS needs to load after the HTML.

My personal opinion is that Hype can be used for small pages, portfolios and/or landing pages as a development environment. If it should be bigger site your better off using regular development tools specially for the task of building pages (maybe even with pre made blocks and rows) and inserting Hype elements where needed. Only my personal opinion!

There are some great examples of pages built with or enhanced with Hype in the #template-gallery and #share-your-work sections.

Hope this helps.



I am not technical background, and I built all of our pages including custom menus for our site, just share the site for your view:

Also, we are using Hype official wordpress plugin and it is free:
Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin

Just for your reference.


Also, @MaxZieb is building a extension of Hype ScrollKit

That would be great helpful for webpage design.