100% width and height not working in wordpress?

Hi, I keep exporting a simple scene and it only works in wordpress if I disable the 100% width and height... really strange. Is there something I have done wrong or a workaround? thanks,
Archive.zip (255.7 KB)

I recommend checking out the 'responsive document tips' section on the plugin help page: Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin

The issue is that you're setting the height to 100%, but Hype's container doesn't have a height to fit, so it is likely trying to be 100% of ? (which equals 0).

Thanks Daniel, I'll have a look.

you could define mediaqueries for the direct containerelement of the Hypedocument.
Those would step in at the same breakpoint that you've defined in Hype and set the height to the corresponding Layoutheight... at least this is what i may do regarding your hypedocument.

Oh yeah! that makes sense! I'll try that too! Thanks!

seems to be working pretty well now thanks guys. I ended up just turning off the 100% height but left 100%width on and letting the page breaks come through from hype.