Minimum Height for Wordpress Embed (Wordpress Plugin)


I have a problem with the responsive Hype layout in WP 5.03

only the top (part) of the animation is displayed.

According to the instructions, it adds a name of style to the animation,

then adds style to the style sheets - and nothing changes.

I adds once to style.css once to rtl.ccs- it does not affect the size

what am I doing wrong?

please help

Tomasz T.

That’s odd, can you share a URL of the page on the web? If you inspect the webpage, do you see that the min-height property is being applied? If you Ctrl + click the part of the Hype animation and select Inspect Element it will display all CSS classes applied to the element on the right side.

here is the link:

previously I had the Divi Builder plugin installed on the WP (but it was uninstalled before loading the animation), maybe the plug has affected the operation of WP?


I think you should also set a height value for that – it looks like I need to update my documentation. Min-height doesn’t seem to do what I expected it would. So try:

.tt {height:400px;}

I introduced: height: 80vh;
now the animation is matched and scalable

great, thank you for the information

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I copy-pasted .minheight400 { height:400px; } from Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin

But I still can't see it. Should I put some different class name?

This code above goes in your CSS file, and this goes in the class name field: minheight400

But this is only useful if you have a responsive Hype document with a height set to 100%, which doesn’t appear when you are embedding it in Wordpress.

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Ok, so I just unchecked Scaling: 400% from Hype document and now the export renders. Thank you for all the support. I am currently following now to make it responsive.