Updating, Reinstalling, & Upgrading Tumult Hype

Tumult Hype can be purchased from the Tumult Store and Apple’s Mac App Store. Please choose from the options below for help upgrading, reinstalling, restoring pro upgrades, or recovering licenses.

  • If you’re new to Hype and would like to purchase Hype 4 or Hype 4 Professional, please visit our store.
  • If you own the Tumult Store version but want to try the Professional edition, please read this topic.
  • Did you purchase Hype from the Mac App store prior to version 4 and you’re having issues claiming an upgrade discount? Click here.
  • If you installed Hype 4 by accident but want to stick with Hype 3 visit this page.

Please Note:

If you are working with a document with Tumult Hype Pro features during a trial, but plan on purchasing Hype Standard, keep in mind that you won’t be able to edit those documents when your
Pro trial concludes. Documents with Tumult Hype Professional features will open as read-only in Tumult Hype 4 Standard