View Past Purchases in the Mac App Store

To view your previous purchases on the Mac App store, please first visit this page:


Here, you may see friendly faces with the date you purchased:

Note that installing Hype 4 from this page will not automatically re-enable your Pro upgrade purchase. You’ll need to click ‘Restore Purchase’ after first launch.

If you don’t see Hype or Whisk here, and you are unable to find a receipt from the Apple Store in your email containing the words ‘Tumult Hype’ then you likely purchased directly from the Tumult Store. You can recover your license for Hype here, and for Whisk here.

For a more comprehensive list of purchases and any ‘Pro’ upgrades you purchased, you can check this page:

For help reinstalling or restoring Tumult Hype, visit: Updating, Reinstalling, & Upgrading Tumult Hype

For information about reinstalling Whisk, visit: Reinstalling, Upgrading, and Updating Whisk