Upgrading to v4 (Mac App Store): Locating Previous Version of Hype Application fails

If you previously purchased Hype v1 - v3 and want to upgrade to Hype v4, you are eligible for upgrade discounts. Upgrades discounts can only be applied with the originating purchasing store; for example if you bought Hype v3 on the Mac App Store then you must get Hype v4 on the Mac App Store as well, and the same principle applies to the direct download Tumult Store version.

We have received some reports of failures for Hype v4 to recognize previous versions of the Mac App Store version Hype:

  • In Hype 4.0.0, nothing results after selecting Hype v1-v3 after choosing via “Locate Previous Version of Hype Application”
  • In Hype 4.0.1+, an error is presented which presumably sent you here!

Failure to recognize the previous version of Hype is often due to performing a system migration or moving the application from one machine to another.

The solution is to delete your previous version of Hype and re-download from the App Store application. Here are the complete steps:

  1. Move all previous copies of Hype (except Hype 4!) to the trash
  2. Empty the trash
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Open the App Store application
  5. Make sure you are logged into the same account that purchased the previous Hype via the Store menu
  6. Click your account name in the bottom left of the sidebar (macOS 10.14+) or Purchased tab at top (macOS 10.13 and below) to see previous purchases
  7. Locate your previous Hype purchase and re-download
  8. Launch Hype 4
  9. On the Unlock screen, click Check for Upgrade Pricing…
  10. Then click Locate Previous Version of Hype Application… and find the re-downloaded app in your Applications folder
  11. At this point, your previous purchase should appear in the All Hype Purchases table, and upon hitting Continue you will see upgrade pricing applied.

If you continue to have difficulties recognizing a previous version, please contact support@tumult.com.

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