Hype Universe News 21: September

“If no one hates it, no one really loves it.”
—Jessica Walsh

Say hello to the newest edition of Hype Universe News, showcasing animations, tutorials, and techniques from the Tumult Hype Community.

We recently updated Tumult Hype with a few compatibility fixes in MacOS Sonoma 14.0. Learn more about the 4.1.14 update here.

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Featured Projects

Tidal Power Animation

Grasp the mechanics of tidal power generation through this enlightening animation by @imjeffp at The University of Texas at Austin.

Keeball Sport

José Alejandro Silva Ruiz introduced us to Keeball, a sport he invented back in 2019. Check out his website demonstrating gameplay.

Tutorials & Guides


Open Broadcaster Software is a powerful tool for streaming to platforms like Youtube and Twitch and @Davirus created a slick controller for manipulating animated OBS Widgets

Four valuable contributions from @MaxZieb:

  1. Hype DataMagic has been featured several times before because of how useful it is. The extension offers seamless data integration with live previews in Tumult Hype documents. By adding a simple script, users can instantly set, bind, and visualize data, including nested structures and images. Max just made a new new comprehensive tutorial video to better show how to use it.
  2. Hype Text Fit is a great new tool to ensure that text always fits within within its container, regardless of its custom font or line height.
  3. Explore a demonstration document that changes Hype's default layout behavior, allowing layouts to display based on a device's aspect ratio. Check out the forum post with the downloadable file.
  4. An innovative method to embed custom CSS fonts without the headache. Dive into a centralized font management guide to learn more.

(Four cheers for Max!🍻)

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