Animation for a new sport

Hi everyone, I've been working with hype to make different things like games, a menu for a Restaurant software or my last 3 webpages (I know I maybe need to use whisk), but not all the time because I've been busy, but...

Let me tell you that in 2019 I created a new alternate sport and I decided to wait till 2020 to show it to the world and we know what happened, so I had to wait few years and now I want to bring it to the table so I made this simple web page.

And using HYPE I made a little character to illustrate all the page and made a little animation, but this animation using physics, and now I have this animation in which the character misses the shots some times, is like having an AI learning how to shoot in my sport.

I really like the result so I used the animation in the main page of my site and is cute to see the character practicing.

Maybe in the future I can make a very simple game.

By the way... sorry, the website is in Spanish, I'll be working in the english site in the future :frowning:


Wow, you invented Basketball :innocent:

Is this like a spinoff of basket ball like five aside football is of Football ( for any Americans, thats the game you call soccer, the one where you use your feet on the ball, hence Football , don't play either by the way )

Nice animation.

Nice! It looks great with the physics.

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