Select closest aspect ratio

This setup selects the closest aspect ratio. It might be of help to somebody… It is an alternative way of selecting a layout over the built-in and traditional width-based selection (although Hype always did a container width over viewport width). It can also be easily tweaked to select the next height-based layout. (25,9 KB)

I think there was a similar file a couple of years ago, so sorry if this is old news for some.


not 100% similar :wink:

That's the one I was referring too in my disclaimer… I was looking for it the other day, but couldn't find it, so I created a new one. As always, Thanks @h_classen for that great idea!

I just did a search because of your note :joy: but it's really not the same :smile:
yours is strict on ratio ... a very clear approach. much more reliable than mine :wink: