Trying to find people with SCORM + Hype experience

Hello all!

I work at a University and Hype has proven to be an essential tool which we use regularly. While there is currently a big push towards enhanced online learning, currently the tools available tend to fall short in various ways.

Hype is one of the strongest contenders for the kind of work we are doing, however we do have a significant shortfall in that we can not create SCORM content. Ideally we want to report grades / completion states back to our LMS (currently Moodle). I can see this question has popped up in the forums a few times but not for quite a while, so I am reaching out to see if anyone has experience in this area. If you do - I would love to hear from you!

I hope it is OK to ask in this forum :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!

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My condolences. :crazy_face:

SCORM has a long history. What version are you looking to target… 1.2, 2004, or xAPI (Tin Can API) …what version of Moodle are you using?

I’m working on a new version of A Book About Hype. I’ve been thinking about adding advanced topics, particularly ones that have to do with the death of Flash. SCORM was a requested topic for the previous version of the book, but it seems that Daniel already posted on the topic.

What’s missing exactly? Where are you stuck? What would you like to see on this topic that hasn’t been previously covered?

Hellow Photics, thanks for reaching out!

At this stage, I would not say I am stuck but rather seeking to find out if there are people who can offer advice or assistance, or share their own workflows. I have spoken with someone who paid a programmer to create a custom web app that can package Hype content as SCORM, but understandably he is not in a position to share this solution.

I have some intermediate Javascript/HTML knowledge - so perhaps this is a nut I can crack myself but I must admit I haven’t yet dived in myself. From what I am gathering from your response, however, I think what I really need to do at this point is start looking into the structure of SCORM packages, perhaps starting with the links Daniel shared in 2015?

I did a bit more reading on the state of the art here. Seems like not much has changed since that original post, but the available information is a bit easier to navigate.

Here’s a great intro to what it takes to convert HTML to SCORM:

There’s a testing suite for testing SCORMy content you create. I recommend signing up here:

(Having trouble recovering my account, but I’ll give this a shot when that’s working).

The time consuming part is enumerating each resource used in the file. Not sure why the system needs to know about every image, seems a bit controlling. Here’s what that looks like:

Since Hype generates a manifest file with all resources, we can use that to help us out:

Then add: <file href=" + your resources folder name to the start of each line. Visual Studio Code (and many text editors) let you select a column and quickly change lines all at once. In VScode you press shift + option and then click and drag:

So after you export your document from Hype, you would just change the URL listed here: to match that of your Hype document.

This is the starting point that seems like a good minimal package:
ContentPackagingSingleSCO_SCORM12 (1).zip (348.2 KB)

Don’t delete these files, but everything else is fair game. Just make sure you list them in the resources section!


The examples here have more detail about how the reporting process works: but the above example should get you able to embed Hype content within Moodle in a more Scorm(y) way.

These type of interactive modules (for example ‘You need to view this and take a quiz before you can do that’ are typically built with packages like Adobe Captivate ($399). But they are built on an open standard that has all the elegance of a learning platform standard developed by the military. So they aren’t really friendly for hand coding.

‘Education Enterprise’ is a special place, especially since it is built around an open source tool.


Hi @Daniel. I have a question. My Hype Pro v4 does not have the ‘Export Scripts’ box under the Document tab. Which version are you using?

The “Export Scripts” box will only show if an installed export script has document options.

You can try it with the DoubleClick DCM on the Export Scripts page.

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Thanks @jonathan. I found it.

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I just wanted to share this in case it might assist others. Thanks to the wonderful help from Daniel above, I have managed to get a “proof of concept” SCORM package going.

In this example, the package reports a completion state, pass/fail state and a score (of 73%) to the LMS. It can be tested using the SCORM cloud service Daniel recommends above.

Hype SCORM (1.2 MB)

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P.S @daniel - I am familiar with Captivate etc, but in my opinion it’s clunky and produces poor results without a lot of tinkering. I am far happier working in Hype :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this Raph! I like how the API completes its connection process just by looking at current connected APIs on the page and the parent page in one sweep. I’m hoping this is the standard way that LMSs do things. Do you know SCORM version this is?

Same :slight_smile:

This is SCORM 1.2, I would imagine the other versions are somewhat similar re: Hype application :slight_smile:

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Hi Raph. This is fascinating. I’m a learning designer and mostly using Storyline. My use of Hype in this so far has only gone as far as embedding Hype animations as web objects in to Storyline. I would very much like to trial a hype only solution directly integrated in to an LMS as you have done. Would you mind if I ask a few questions about this?

  1. Have you been running your SCORM 1.2 solution for hype in a live production LMS environment?
  2. If you have…would you have any insights to offer about how well it works and whether there have been any reliabilty issues?
  3. Have you found this solution to be adequate as far as functionality is concerned or have you discovered areas where further development or enhancement is needed?

Best wishes

Hello! So sorry for the late response - I have not yet tested this to a great degree, however SCORM is relatively simple in terms of what it reports (unlike xAPI for instance, which offers a lot more).

I don't imagine there would be many hiccups once it's up and running. I am aware of another developer who uses hype to develop SCORM packages for various clients, without issue as far as I am aware.

Thanks Raph - Appreciate the update. Best wishes

Rather than build the quiz into hype why don’t you create that in the LMS so that hype is used purely for content delivery?

This is awesome @raphroberts ! I wonder if you would be able to share the .hype file? I can't figure out how to communicate to the LMS from Hype.

Just adding to the discussion here. We have been using the TIN CAN API and Hype together from the beginning of the early days of HYPE. Now we do almost all our work in HYPE. I have not kept up on what is available for free to HYPE users as far as TIN CAN goes. I need to get caught up here.

But if any of you want to see examples of what is possible, please check our our website. If you sign up and don’t have a company, list Tulmult HYPE as your “company” and I can let you in.

Most of our more robust samples you have to sign up to see them.


@BoboTR3 can I ask how you managed to achieve this? Did you find a tutorial online or did you develop the solution from scratch?

If you had a very simple working template to share I would be forever in debt to you :smiley:

I would be really interested to see how you managed to integrate TIN CAN with a Hype document.

Many thanks!

Hi @STE2DG . I'm going to jump in here. @BoboTR3 will also have some input.
@MaxZieb and I recently developed an export script that leverages xAPI that is an update on TIN CAN. You can find the documentation linked in this post: hype-xapi-experience-api-previously-tin-can-api
If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask.


Thank you very much for sharing this will be very helpful...and im sure i might need to fire a question or two your way at some point :grin: thanks!!