Hype Universe News #2

Welcome to Hype Universe News #2. We’re just a few months since the release of Hype 4, and we’ve been loving seeing all the vectory and beautiful projects made with new features. As a reminder, in this email we’ll be sharing amazing Hype projects, tips & tricks, product news, and stuff we’re reading:

Tutorials & Tips

Max Ziebell (aka @MaxZieb) is pushing vector shapes into new territory by integrating his custom SVG clip-path techniques into an awesome set of poster designs. Build your own vector shape + clip-path designs with his starter kit.

Xcode Tutorial & Template: Mark Hunte (aka @MarkHunte), one of the angels of our forums, has put together a detailed tutorial on embedding a Hype document export into a ‘webview’ for distribution as an iOS app. Turning your Hype document into an app is easier than you think!

Tutorial: External Resource Editing received a big upgrade in Tumult Hype 4. This tutorial explores how to edit resources directly from your resource library, and also covers additional ways to update + replace your resources. Watch more Tutorials here.

Did you Know?

Animations We Love

A few musical, educational, and fun projects for you to check out:

Special Shoutout

Our friends (and old office mates in San Francisco) at Screenspace.io helped us create our promotional video for our Tumult Hype 4 Launch. Check out screenspace.io/promo to see their new tool for producing high quality app promotional videos.

What We’re Watching

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