Rate My Ride (Made with Hype)

Inspired by this GitHub GIF




There is an updated version by @jonathan from Tumult, that can be found here …


High resolution (2x) PNG of “Made with Tumult Hype” can be found here.

This is part of a new series of files I will publish under “Made with Hype”. It will be (interaction/motion) Design I come across that are made with other technology stacks but can easily also be recreated in Hype.

Feel free to also publish stuff with this label.


It’s pretty neat. Nice work with the eyeballs.

Maybe post about it here… https://old.reddit.com/r/webdev …as they have “Showoff Saturday”.

Thank you! Unfortunately I am not a Reddit user. Time constraints.

I don’t know man. You put the work into the project, why not promote it? In five minutes you could have hundreds of people looking at your project.

But true, I don’t have a Reddit account either. Because I know, soon after, I’ll be on the_donald posting memes. :crazy_face:

Eh, maybe a karma farmer will see this post and post it for you.


the simple things …great! :slight_smile:

Great stuff for upcoming training sessions… :smirk:


Very cool project!


Two questions for you:

  • Is there a URL source for the original design?
  • There’s nothing wrong with code approach for the eyes, but is there a specific reason you didn’t use a relative timeline?

I tried it and it wasn’t working properly right away so I went the quick code route. With some tweaking and time invested it should provably work as a relative timeline too.

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Here’s an updated version that has: shaking for the Hideous ride, stop points for the different settings, better drag correspondence, text sliding in more like the original, and a little bit less code:

RateMyRideDoneInHype-v2.hype.zip (47.7 KB)