New Web App for guitarists -

Hey Hype friends!

I’m excited to share a new web app that I just released that is built with Hype 4.
It’s called ReTuneMachine and you can check it out at!

It’s an app for guitarists that visualizes various common scales as they are applied to different real (and theoretical) tunings. It works on mobile but is optimized for tablet and desktop browsers.

Be sure to click on the 3x Wide and 3x Tall buttons to extend the fretboard and see the “big picture”.

Hope you like it!


Super fantastic!


Nice work! I just got back into trying to re-learn guitar. Since I’m a beginner I’ve only used the standard tuning, but have known alternate ones have existed and for someone who loves the theory aspects this is fascinating to see.

For those less musically/guitar inclined, the wikipedia page has a primer on different tunings.


Thanks guys!

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Very cool. I didn’t understand much of the guitar specific stuff, but I certainly admire the work. Great job!


@Raleigh great job! featured work in HypeDocks web gallery.
@jonathan I think one of the best jobs of 2019!


Thanks so much @michelangelo. I appreciate the kind words and many thanks for adding it to your awesome HypeDocks gallery!

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