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I haven’t seen too many online learning examples in the gallery so I thought I’d submit mine - made entirely with Hype 3Pro (after the launch page). Can’t wait to try it out Hype4


Hi, @kdesrosier great example of interaction for online learning case. Would you please share how did you make this message appear when a user has a wrong screen format / too narrow a browser window? Thanks!

He Ed – That was actually really easy. I just created a new layout that was at the limit of my breakpoint with the text you see. When the user resizes or views the page with a display smaller than the breakpoint they just see that layout……
Hype made this super easy to implement.


Wow, this is tremendous! From a story-telling standpoint, showing the different perspectives in video along with journal entries was very compelling and I admit I went through quite a bit out of curiosity as to what went wrong.

And on a personal note, it was interesting getting an “inside look” at what goes on at hospitals. Perhaps this was the point but I think learning more about the inner-workings of decisions and how human factors can affect medical professionals will help shed some of the fear on being more communicative towards medical staff.

I’d be curious to hear more about the entire planning process, how long it took to film and put it all together, and how it went using Hype for this endeavor.

I’d also love to showcase this more, but I’m also afraid to pollute your database – we’ll be following up with some ideas on how we could share this a bit more.

Well done!

Woah – thanks so much! I have no idea how you find the time to be so involved with your product but it’s really awesome!

Professionalism in the healthcare system is a very big issue and it’s a hard subject to tackle so we put a bit of extra mojo into this project to attempt to integrate some game-like elements and discussion. Part of the challenge is that
the actual disruptors will be unlikely to view the learning activity but hopefully we can get the subject to the forefront and the approach we took was more practical in nature than anything we have seen to date.

The process was kind of awkward and long given the core team was only about 4 people (videographer, writer, coordinator and myself = all the other stuff). The scenarios were authored by volunteer physicians and internal staff. That part
took at least a year and was written in a linear style with no real idea of what the final product would look like. I did some mock-ups of ideas last winter using PowerPoint and then Adobe experience design… each mock took maybe a day or two. The volunteers
and internal folks liked the direction so they finished the script off by the end of January. After that there was still a lot to be done. Writing the actual video scripts was a week or three and the shoot was over 2 days at local simulation centres. The funny
part was that we wanted some extra oomph from the administrator role as I thought maybe we would bring her back in for voice over recording and she could kind of be like the guiding voice…. That didn’t work out, but led to the texting approach which I think
is pretty cool and we could go a lot further with it… imagine Dr. Staples texting you with reminders after you have finished… or a Dr. Staples twitter account… Anyhow, small team, low budget and not a ton of time.

So running in parallel to the video prep, shooting and editing I started developing in Hype, photoshop and illustrator around February and finished the English version around early June (so 4 months). There were a few rewrites of questions
and journal thrown in there along the way. It was a bit of an iterative process where we had a couple of usability sessions and a soft pilot with some folks reflective of the target audience…. I learned a lot and made as many adjustments as possible but there
are still tweaks I’d like to make. I have to say that Hype is an excellent tool with incredible support and it only crashed maybe twice but you guys followed up on the bug reports immediately and I think it was more my Mac than anything else. I wasn’t sure
if Hype would be good for a larger project like this but my background is not in software development so I needed the simplicity it offered. As it turned out it really held up. Its one of those tools I just enjoy opening and using and I want to do more… especially
with v4. I Learn better ways of doing things each time I use it and used jquery, zingcharts, modernizer, google analytics, surveygizmo and charts.js to supplement. My backend database is quickbase…. Which is a little weird, but given the environment I work
in, it is what it is.

Thanks so much for your interest Jonathan – We are open to any ideas you might have for showcase. As long as everyone who goes in fills out the demographic form properly it shouldn’t create too much pollution… We are trying to look at the
level of engagement of our target audience so we can filter some things based on the demographic data….

There is a whole other side to this story I won’t go into with our data collection, evaluation and visualization methods but let’s just say that Hype allowed me to focus on that stuff more than if I had developed this without…

Take care!


You really went deep with this project – the complexity of the narrative is really impressive given that the game is so easy to interact with. I definitely learned a lot of the processes and protocols going on in hospitals. I think the chat window with the administrator was extremely effective!

We’re definitely interested in featuring this work in a larger way. I’ll send you an email :love_letter:

Wow - thanks for all those details! It was pretty clear that a remarkable amount of work went into the project. It’s very interesting to learn about those details as well - I’m sure many could probably benefit by the lessons you’ve learned in this project and even your construction within Hype. I’m glad to hear Hype helped you focus more on the content/other problems.