Log in to use Tumult?

(Elanie Torres) #1

Can we log in on any computer to use Tumult application or do we need to use the same computer that we downloaded it on? Trying to access my projects from another computer…is it possible?


If you installed from Mac Store then you can use on every mac you have.
If you installed through Tumult website then I think you have to contact for additional machine licence or at least you should have some info in your licence email.

I may be wrong though. :smile:


(stephen) #3

Correct. You can just go to the Purchases tab on the Mac App Store to install Hype on your machine.

Your license is per person not per machine so you may install Hype on any of your personal machines, if the computer is someone else’s you will need to purchase an additional license (http://tumult.com/hype/faq/#caniinstalltumulthypeonmultiplemachines). You can download Hype from http://tumult.com/hype/download/ and then enter the registration information from your email.

(Elanie Torres) #4

Hmm…I think I was trying to see if I could login to the computers at my University and still be able to work on my projects that are stored in Tumult at home.