Hype Universe #14: February Animation Inspiration

Welcome back to another edition of Hype Universe News, filled with top shelf animations to inspire you and quality tutorials and extensions to help you take your Hype projects farther.

Projects We Love

Engaging Web Series: the new web series Drama in Panama is a dramatic remake of the 1919 Jack London novel Hearts of Three . Learn more about the project in our interview with the creator / animator / director Deyan Sedlarski on our blog. Project contains mature themes.

Interactive Educational Animations : Brookdale Community College produced an impressive collection of interactive cybersecurity, chemistry, physics, and environmental science guides as part of a National Science Foundation grant to improve learning outcomes. Check them out here.

The Tonga Eruption, Before and After : Heligraphica created an interactive infographic for the Telegraph to clearly show changes after the eruption. View it here.

Musical Visualizations for the iPad: John Gellecum released an impressive iPad app to intelligently match scales with possible chords on the Piano. Also check out his 'Magical Circle of Fifths' tool.

Tools & Extensions

Responsive Development Companion: Polypane, a powerful responsive HTML testing tool, is a great companion to both Tumult Hype and Tumult Whisk. Dive into this tight integration with Tumult Hype and Tumult Whisk on Polypane's site. The tool simulates numerous device widths at once for easy adjustments:

Rapidly Share your Hype Project: Tiiny Host is an extremely easy to use and high performance hosting service we've just discovered. Just drag a ZIP file containing your Hype export and you're all set. Read about it on our blog and check them out.

Powerful new Hype extensions by Max Ziebell:

Hype Action Events offers code execution based on actions and custom behaviors and gets more powerful with each new update. Check it out.

Build animated circular graphs using Max's tool to animate lines. Check out the DashArray and PathLength Decorator and build charts like:

Play around with the Hype Matter Helper to support your work in Hype's Physics Engine

Dive into more projects by Max on Github, and consider sponsoring him!

Tutorials & Guides

Recommended Tutorial Videos:

Learn how to Capture and Validate Inputs in Hype & Advanced Whiteboard Techniques for Creating Whiteboard Video Graphics in Hype.

"The Pythagorean Template" by Photics shows how to build a simple calculator within Hype and provides a refresher on triangle geometry. Watch it here.

Don't miss Photics' growing list of tutorial videos on Youtube demonstrating Hype's drawing tools, JavaScript techniques, and more...

If you'd like to recommend a tutorial or share one of your own Hype projects with us, you can reply to this email—we'd love to hear from you.

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