How to Capture and Validate Text Inputs in Hype

I recently posted a short tutorial on my YouTube channel demonstrating how to capture and validate user inputs in Hype apps with minimal fuss. This method utilizes HTML input tags, regular expressions, and some custom CSS. This approach also includes a small amount of JS/CSS code that, with a small amount of customization, can be employed to evaluate any text string that can be described with a regular expression.

You can find this video at: Capture and Validate User Inputs In Hype - YouTube

The code example mentioned in this video is available here: (50.2 KB)


Thank you so much for your help !
I'm not familiar to the RegEx but your video is really clear : Bravo !

I've watched your @drewbullen explainer video and learned useful and compact methods of user input handling directly within a Hype file. At the end of your video you're saying that the captured input can be stored in a variable or transferred to local storage. Do you have another explainer video on how to do that ? Happy to follow that topic.

No, but that's an interesting idea.

In the meantime, there is a lot of good information in this forum regarding ways to capture and persist this kind of information.

For example, you might check out this thread.