Editing text doesn't work (macOS Monterey with M1)

Can't edit text elements in Hype document after updating with latest macOS. On another MacBook with the previous BigSur, everything works fine.

My specs:
MacBook Air (M1) with macOS Monterey (12.0.1)
Hype Pro (3.6.10)

Unfortunately Apple's macOS 12 introduced this bug. The fix is in the latest Hype v4.1.7, which correctly allows for text editing on Monterey.

We have published a guide on upgrading:

Do note that v4 is a paid upgrade. We do not plan to address this in v3, as that version is over two years old and support has ended.

OK, thank you for your reply. Considering this guide: as a faculty staff, have I no price difference to buy a new Hype 4.1 or upgrade to the one from my Hype 3.6?

The 30% upgrade pricing also applies to discounted educational purchases; so a v3 Pro -> v4 Pro educational upgrade cost is $48.99 USD. This is the least costly way to do it for you.

You will need to perform the upgrade in the Hype v4 app and make sure to click the "education store" button at the top of the Unlock screen; you should then see two lines of green text that say "Education discount applied" and "Upgrade discount applied."


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