Suggestion: Tips & Tricks of the Month

So I was thinking,

To encourage sharing of Tips and Tricks and to also highlight the exceptional ones.

The site could have a :

Tips & Tricks of the Month.

The winning users post would get the coveted sticky position “Hyper Space” at the top of the Tips & Trick Category.

It will also be added to a new Category called Top Tips & Tricks Which would only list the exceptional Tips & Trick.
This would also enable people to find the exceptional Tips & Trick in one place.

If the Tip & Trick lends it self to it, it could even get a spot on your blog.

The chosen exceptional Tip & Trick would be selected by the Tumult team alone.

(I don’t think a voting system using something like the Likes system would work as I suspect as with most fora ,this would suffer from click apathy)

I am sure there is more to this simple idea but I think this would be cool and helpful


I like it! Let’s use this thread to nominate tips. Two to start us off:



I like…

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