How to make a Single Toggle Button


(Mark Hunte) #1

I have noticed that many people struggle to work out how to make a toggle button that uses a single Timeline.

Many get tripped up by putting a Pause timeline at the beginning of the timeline when wanting to use reverse timeline.

The animations either don’t start, take two clicks to start or just repeat …

Here is an Example of how to do it simply and with only one Timeline.
Note I do not use start Timeline anywhere… especially in the Buttons Actions. This is another mistake that people fall into when trying to make a toggle like this. (188.2 KB)

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Thanks @MarkHunte – cool technique!

Adding your nice diagram to your post.

(Markus) #3

Hi There,

I’m really struggling with this - it seems like it should be simple but when I use the logic suggested on a different file it just doesn’t work.

Either the animation stops or jumps back to the beginning?

Here’s an example of what I’ve recreated based on the instructions? What am I doing wrong? (16.3 KB)

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #4


you simply jump to the wrong time in timeline.
switch: 00:14.00 to 00:00.14 :slight_smile:

(Markus) #5

Groan… thanks for the quick reply!

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(Karl) #6

Thank you for this example. Works a treat.

(Ricky) #7

hey there , how if i want to make several toggle buttons? like this

this is what i have made (12.4 KB)

I hope when I click the orange bar one times and then click the green bar , the orange bar going to reset into its first state and viceversa .