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There’s a lot of amazing work scattered in these forums, and it’s great to see the activity here increasing. There’s so many people sharing code and projects with each other and helping each other out. You guys are great.

I’ve just created a new category specifically for Templates. Templates are a great way to create a starting point for yourself and others.

For example, if you’ve created a document with responsive layouts just the way you like it, you can select File > Save as Template to make a reusable version of that document. When opening, a new unsaved document will be created.

I’ll start by sharing a template of our Hype Pro Teaser page, a page we put out to get people pumped about you-know-what.

This document is a good starting point if you’re working on a landing page for a product and would like to capture email addresses, show a demo video, and ensure that it looks great on mobile, desktop, and iPads. It comes with four layouts:

  • Iphone 4/5 - 320px - 375px
  • iphone 6 / 6+ - 375px - 750px
  • Ipad Portrait - 750px - 900px
  • Desktop 900px and up

Download the template here: (1.1 MB)

View this document on the web:

Hype Pro Responsive Layout demo/sample files
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Awesome!! Love everything about it!!

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I greatly appreciate all the help and support i have got from this community and felt the need to share something back. attached are a collection of input types covered to symbols for easy form building.

input (29.8 KB)