Card Flip Template

(Nick ) #1

cardflip (355.2 KB) Here is my First template to share:

Card flip animation.
It uses 2 scenes but could easily be put into a timeline or made into a symbol
The trick is to switch your image at just the right angle in the animation to get the sense of a card flip


Scene Transition: Flip (Vertical or Horizontal)
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Transition. need to know the best approach for this particular case:
(DaveJohnson) #2

I’m loving this! I’m wondering - because I couldn’t easily tell from your template, how did you change the image for the flip? I’m building a card flip educational activity and am currently grouping all the information and using opacity to get the same effect - but yours looks like it’s a two sided image right out of the gate.

(Nick ) #3

Actually what I am doing with this is using the Background image property to swap out the image at just the right moment when the card is flipping.

See timeline below…
I put this on the second scene but you could also do it on one scene and launch with a timeline action.
When animating scrub the playhead through the animation to find the exact spot where the flip should take place.

This also works great for book pages or flipping on the X and Z axis as well.

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